Eat Deliciously

And Watch the Quality of Your Life Improve

Stop Cravings!

"Eat Better = Feel Better" 

Many health problems diminish 

if you eat the right foods and follow a healthier lifestyle.


Healthy Eating...

Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure, 

Improves Cognitive Clarity,

Stabilizes Blood Sugars,

Diminishes Unwanted Weight,

Stimulates Intimacy!

Say "ta-ta" to diets or calorie counting.    

Effective NUTRITION is about maintaining nutritional balance

while providing your body with the right foods

while eating the things you like. 

My program adapts to your lifestyle and taste buds. 

Get the Result you Want.

“Healthy Eating 101” Program Breakdown


Class 1.  The digestive system made simple:  what happens to your body and brain when you eat.  Natural detoxification of the body. Enzymes. Do we really need supplements? (No, I do not sell them).  We start with Carbohydrates.  Healthy snack: easy to make homemade Ice Cream.  Yes, you can eat ice cream and still lose weight. 

Class 2.  Everyone’s favorite topic: Carbohydrates.  Everything you need to know about carbs and sugars.  What to eat when you have cravings?  Increase your metabolism with the right foods.  Healthy Snack: easy homemade bread samples you can eat or buy. 


Class 3.  A complete breakdown on Proteins and why are they so important.  An extensive study of protein powders.  Start analyzing different diets and which way of eating would benefit you the most.  Everyone is different - no 1-size fits all.  Healthy drinks: protein shakes to balance blood sugar levels roller coaster and get rid of cravings.  

Class 4. Eat your healthy fats.  Continue analyzing Diets.  Create “your plate.”  Balance your meals. Healthy snacks:   Homemade Nut Balls.  Full of protein and healthy fats.

Class 5.  Ingredients OR labels?  Weekly food preparation to make your life easier and that will keep you on track.  Surprise snack.


You get to turn in a weekly food journal. 

“Food Journaling" is a non-judgmental and empowering tool to keep you focused. 

I want to get to know your taste buds so we, together, can discover delicious replacements for the foods you love, and make this transition easier for you.  

"Healthy Eating 101” is interactive and professionally presented and has a book available upon request.

We meet for 5 weeks, once a week, for 2 hours.

During these weeks and thereafter, I will be available to you during business hours for questions.  

If this schedule does not work for you, call me to make further arrangements.


Home or Video Call Sessions Available

There are two ways to complete this program.

In person OR a face-to-face video-conference call.

They are both great options.  

If you have a tight schedule, you get to benefit from the video call program

from the comfort of your home or while traveling.


I Will Guide You to Success!


















This program has been proven and is successful if you follow some easy instructions. 


You will never have to do this alone again.


Group classes are also available.  


Its all about your health!