Eat Deliciously

While watching the Quality of Your Life Improve.

Stop Cravings!

And While observing unhealthy behaviors fade away.


Say "ta-ta" to diets or calorie counting.    

Effective eating is about maintaining nutritional balance. 

Cravings stop when you provide the body with the right nutrients,

Success is when you are still eating the things you like. 

It's Life Changing!


"Eat Better = Feel Better" 

Improve cholesterol, blood sugar levels & mental clarity.

Many health problems diminish 

if you eat the right foods and follow a healthier lifestyle.

Classes has been proven successful!

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  • You get individual attention to learn how it adapts to your lifestyle and taste buds

  • It is easy-to-follow.  Consist of 5-classes, 2-hours each, once a week. 

Other arrangements can be made

  • During these weeks and thereafter, 

I will be available to you during business hours for any concerns or questions 

  • To make this transition easier for you, I must get to know your taste buds.     Together we will discover delicious replacements for the foods you love. 

That is why a weekly food journal is essential during the 5-weeks. It's an easy-to-follow, non-time consuming journal.

Food Journaling" is a non-judgmental and empowering tool


I Will Guide You to Success!


For the “Eas

y Eating 101” Sessions Breakdown, please call 321-506-1324. 

Classes are interactive and professionally presented.

Available for small groups and families.

Book available upon request.